How to make a Disney Face Mask at Home

How to make a Disney Face Mask at Home

Want to make your own Disney Face Mask? This tutorial shows you the steps to make these yourself just using your own Printer and fabric you have at home! 


100% White Cotton Fabric
Freezer Paper
Color Printer
Sewing Essentials, Sewing Machine or Needle
Cotton Thread & Pins

Use of an Iron will also be necessary

You can replace the Freezer Paper and Cotton Fabric by just ordering PhotoFabric Paper if you want a simpler way to print


Create a cardboard stencil for the paper size that fits your printer, usually US Legal at 8.5in x 11in or A4 size.


Take your 100% Cotton Fabric and draw around the Cardboard stencil onto the fabric with a Pen, and cut around the stencil line making sure to not cut directly onto the stencil line.


Take your Freezer Paper, you can find this in Walmart or most grocery stores, and roll out enough to fit your Paper Size.

Notice one side of the Freezer Paper has a wax side and one does not. Make sure the Wax paper is facing upwards and you lay your piece of Fabric onto the Wax covered paper side and cut the freezer paper.


Flip the Freezer paper over including the fabric so the wax side is facing down, and use an iron onto a really flat surface, sometimes ironing boards are not flat enough, maybe a worktop surface, and iron the Freezer Paper onto the fabric.


Once the Fabric and Freezer Paper have bonded together, cut both layers together on the stencil line to get a crisp piece of fabric. 

Once you have it cut out the size of the paper that fits your printer, you are ready to print.


Choose the Artwork you would like to print onto your fabric, you can choose from any characters or designs you may find.  

We have ONE print available for you to download for free, if you would like other characters we would advise you create your own designs using your own favourite characters. Our free download character is the only character now available to download. 

To download the WINNIE mask artwork click HERE



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Add the Fabric Paper to your Printer, print the Character you want to print, make sure the print is set to 6x8in. I am using a cheap at home printer EPSON expression, make sure that my printer settings are at Best Quality Print and that the paper settings are Premium Matte Paper or similar alternative.


Once you have printed onto the fabric and you did not use PhotoFabric, you will need to treat the fabric with a treatment so the ink will not run and the fabric is washable. The best ways to treat fabric is to use Bubble Jet Set Rinse wash, a post ink treatment to soak your mask in, or at an home remedy or Vinegar and Salt Water.

Please follow instructions for use of Bubble Jet Set Rinse to treat fabric.
To treat the fabric to stop the ink from running, using a post treatment called Bubble Jet Rinse which you can find HERE or click on the picture.

If you used Photofabric paper, your fabric is already pre treated, so will not need to be post treated to keep the ink from running.

To print onto Photofabric, we used this 100% cotton Photo Fabric which you can find HERE or click on the picture.



Cut out the 6x8in Character print and remove the backside of the freezer paper away from your fabric layer.

Using your 100% Cotton Fabric, cut out a second 6x8in piece of fabric that will be the inside layer of your mask. 

For elastic, or elastic alternative, make sure you have the length cut at 6.5inches to sit comfortably around your face for both pieces. 


Lay the both pieces of fabric onto of each other, making sure the print of your character is facing the inside.

Take one piece of elastic and place it on the inside of the two pieces of fabric and make sure the ends of the elastic sit at the top edge and bottom edge corners of the side. See pic for example.

Lay the white fabric on top of the elastic and print fabric and using sewers pins, pin the fabric and elastic into place to allow non movement when sewing.

STEP 10:

Hand sew, or machine sew around the shapes of the fabric making sure the elastic in the corners is caught into the sew.

Leave 1.5in of space on the edge of one side of the fabric to be able to turn the mask inside out.

STEP 11:

Turn your mask inside out through the 1.5in of gap in the fabric and then flatten the mask with an iron to make the seems flat.

STEP 12:

Fold the fabric into 2 folds, start from the top and take an inch either side and fold it down over onto 0.5in of fabric and repeat the step again.

Once you have the folds in place, use an iron to press the seams into place and it will make for an easier next step of pinning the folds into place.

STEP 13:

Add sewers pins making sure they hold the folds into place on each end of the mask.

STEP 14:

Hand sew or machine sew, the folds into place either side of the mask with about 0.5inch of space from the edge of the mask. Repeat on other side of the mask.

STEP 15:

Your mask is now complete!!

If you would like to make a mask that has a filter pocket and can assist with a nose bridge for this design, I will link the video I used to learn how to make masks with a more extensive way to make masks HERE

Have any questions as to the steps for Making your Disney Maks at home? Use our comments section to ask any questions and I'll be happy to assist.

If you go ahead and make any Disney Face Masks at home using our tutorial, make sure to tag us on Instagram at @grapesodaco.


Disclaimer: These Masks are not in any way medical grade and can not help prevent from catching an illness. These masks were designed and intended to wear under State or Global guidelines of wearing a mask outside if necessary to stop the spreading of an illness but our by no way or means endorsed. Please do not use this mask as a way to ignore the Stay at Home order. 

You agree that you will not modify, copy, reproduce, sell, or distribute any content in any manner or medium without permission. For more information please read the  Digital Millennium Copyright ActBy downloading or using this content, you agree to full terms & conditions to the above DMCA.

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