LOOK AT THIS STUFF! ISN'T IT NEAT?! Disney's H20+ Little Mermaid Collection

LOOK AT THIS STUFF! ISN'T IT NEAT?! Disney's H20+ Little Mermaid Collection

Look at this Stuff! Isn't it neat? If you have ever stayed at one of the Disney Resorts at Walt Disney World or in Disneyland, you more than likely will have used the H20+ amenities in the hotel room.
Disney have showcased a new three-piece collection with skin-care brand H2O+ inspired by none other than The Little Mermaid. But it's not just inspired by the movie; it also celebrates its 30th anniversary, which coincides with H2O+'s 30th anniversary.
Being an a fan of Little Mermaid, Disney and skincare, I was thrilled to try these products!
This 3-Step Skincare collection features a Cleanser, Essence Oil and a Gel Moisturiser with each product featuring illustrations of Ariel on the packaging.

disney H20+ Little mermaid collection
Photo of the collection in my skincare cabinet

Disney H20+ Little Mermaid Collection

STEP 1: Elements Keep It Fresh Face Cleanser ($26), if you have a skincare routine, cleanser is the first step is keeping your fresh faced feeling squeaky clean.
My favourite part of this product has to be the smell. It's HEAVENLY. It has scents of the ocean and Sea Salt and is so refreshing. It is gentle, ultra-hydrating, and infused with nourishing sunflower seed oil, water lily extract, and cleansing apple amino acids. It's especially ideal for normal and dry skin types.
STEP 2: Oasis Hydrating Beauty Essence ($46), this is really a fantastic massaging oil without feeling oily. It works by softening the skin and prepping it for moisturizer with ingredients like red algae extract, water lily, and seagrass extracts, and a blend of ceramides.
STEP 3: Oasis Hydrating Treatment ($44) Gel Moisturiser, this is my favourite step! The blue gel is soothing on the skin and let me mention has dewy my skin looked all day!  locks everything with its dual-hydration technology, which aids in both replenishing the skin and protecting its barrier. Like the other products, it also contains water lily extract for maximum hydration.

 Disney H20+ Little Mermaid Products Disney H20+ little mermaid products

When I used these together, these products are amazing at calming and cooling dry or distressed complexions.
Whilst we are unable to attend the parks and as I rewatch the many YouTube videos featuring any Disney update as to when the parks will open, this is a great collection to have to make you feel great whilst also having a part of the Parks and Resorts at home with you.
Sold exclusively at shopdisney.com

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