Lightspeed to Batuu

Lightspeed to Batuu

I travelled to Batuu for Opening Day at Galaxy's Edge in Disney's Hollywood Studios and it was quite literally Out of this World!

Firstly, I have admit, I never grew up exposed to the Star Wars movies and so it I don’t believe I was ever a big fan of the franchise. Having only ever knowing about R2-D2 and C3PO from one of the best rides Star Tours, it has to be known, my knowledge of Star Wars is limited.

However, that being said, since Disney acquiring Lucasfilm and the announcement of Galaxy’s Edge, I’ve been extremely interested in making sure I was prepared for my first experience to Batuu. And that first visit was on Opening Day and it was nothing short of being one of the most overwhelming and incredible experiences in any of the Disney Parks that’s been created.

Opening Day special edition Map for Galaxy's EdgeGalaxy's Edge and Millennium Falcon

Opening Day for anything new in the parks is always exciting, there is always magic in the air and everyone knows they’re apart of something special and history in the making. I arrived at Batuu at around 9am and with Virtual Queue already in activation on the My Disney Experience app I waited about 1hr and 30 minutes to get into Batuu, which for opening day was extremely relaxed and not too overwhelming than waiting in line.


Entering the land is extremely overwhelming to begin with, especially when it’s at capacity. There is so much see and do and it almost appears as if everyone already knows the hot spots and what to line up for and it can be a little confusing as to where to head first. But I immediately saw Chewbaca greeting guests walking around and it was like we had been transported to another Galaxy and to quote Solo, “Chewie, We’re Home!” 

Chewbaca in Galaxy's Edgechewy we're homeRey in Batuu

After walking around and taking in as much as possible, the best place to head is to the Millennium Falcon. This is the hub of Galaxy’s Edge and I can only compare it to the experience of visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time, it’s immensely incredible and you won’t be able to comprehend exactly the entirety of what you’re seeing.

This is where Smuggler’s Run, the newest and currently only ride in Galaxy’s Edge where you assigned a role in the Cockpit of the Millennium Falcon to pioneer through space completely in control of the experience you have based on your skills of piloting the ship. Opening Day saw lines up to 390 minutes so unfortunately this wasn’t something we were able to experience but it definitely on our list for next time as I’ve only heard great things about the ride.

The highlights for me, were the Marketplace where you can find shaded areas, perfect for these ridiculously hot Floridian summers, but you’ll also find all eccentricities and tidbits to purchase where almost everything is priced in Credits! I decided on a Diet Coke which was 6 credits but so uniquely imagineered it was definitely a must have. Diet Coke Galaxy's EdgeDroid's In Galaxy's Edge

With Stormtroopers inspecting identifications of guests walking around Batuu and Rey patrolling the grounds to chat with guest about the Galaxy, it really is one of the most immersive experiences Disney have ever imagineered. Batuu is a fictional world that isn’t based off any of the movies but it feels authentic to the world of Star Wars as where else in the Galaxy will you find Stormtroopers and Jedi’s in one place.

Stormtroopers in Galaxy's EdgeStormtroopersGalaxy's Edge

Batuu has to be on your list of things to do on any visit to Walt Disney World and it has so much to see you’ll have much to experience for many years to come.

As they say in Galaxy’s Edge, Bright Suns and Rising Moons.

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