TOP SECRET Food Menu at Disney's All Star Movies Resort

TOP SECRET Food Menu at Disney's All Star Movies Resort

Have you ever heard of the TOP SECRET Menu at Walt Disney World? If you have ever visited the All Star Movies Resort here at Walt Disney World you may have never known to ask about the Secret Menu available here at the World Premiere Food Court!

Make sure to visit the Roxy Quick Service spot inside and you would be forgiven in thinking the offerings are just as similar to most quick service locations at Walt Disney World, however, if you ask a Cast Member for the Secret Menu, they will hush you to the side and hand you a Metal Briefcase that includes all the secret menus.

Roxy all star movies resort secret menu countersecret menu image rotatorRoxy all star movies food

You will be handed a Image 3D rotator that if you peer through the binoculars of the toy, it includes the 3 secret menu items, that can only be seen through the images.

secret menu disney food bloglooking through the secret menu at disney

Firstly, you'll find, a Poutine, a Canadian export that is good ol fashioned, fries, gravy and cheese curds. Poutine can really only be found at the Epcot festivals such as Food & Wine and Flower & Garden, but this is a permanent fixture on the secret menu

Secondly, they have a Bacon and Mac & Cheese Hot Dog with a side of Fries. Beware, this is a foot long Hot Dog with ALOT of toppings so would definitely recommend this as a sharing option.

And lastly on the secret menu, they have an insanely crazy option, a Cinnamon Roll Bun Bacon Burger, where the cinnamon roll is cut in half and acts as the bread buns for the meat and toppings, this also comes with a side of fries.

poutine secret menu

All items are Dining Plan eligible and I have to say are HUGE portions of food! The cast members really like to impress when they make these special offerings for you and I was extremely overwhelmed with how much food we got!

poutine in the secret menuinside the secret menu image rotator

It was a fun experience and the food prices were very reasonable for the amount of food we were given, very similar to prices already on the menu, and I would definitely recommend trying this next time you visit the resort! 

Whilst we were at All Star Movies, we thought it best to add a speciality cocktail also, and the main attraction they were advertising at the time of writing this is the Gummy Bear Rainbow Sherbet Alcoholic Cocktail with Whipped Cream. I was so excited to try this and it looks incredible with layers of gummy bears and bright orange ice cream blended with Tito's vodka, however it really didn't taste the best, slightly medicinal, and I would definitely recommend asking for a different flavoured ice cream as you can swap out the options! We luckily got a photo of a before and after trying the Gummy Bear Milkshake!

We can't wait to see if Disney adds more fun Secret Menu options whilst also adding the fun element of the Mission impossible TOP SECRET spy experience added to ordering fun and unique items! 



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